There are now two videos in my "watch later" list that have been deleted already. What content did they contain? Which laughs could have been laughed? What cries could have been cried? It remains a mystery, my personal data cemetery.

This Firefox goof kinda makes me, uh, like, feel like I don't have any browser left to use. :welp:

This isn't quite the bug report I wanted to wake up to:

All Firefox extensions disabled due to expiration of intermediate signing cert on 2019-05-04:

Seed: 0.7480397410199231

Seed: 0.8987307471912378

Seed: 0.5983703707741097

Seed: 0.5021167910602156

People, I have to admit something, even though you may not like it:

I think I'm really fed up with dark themes by now. It's not that I like bright/light themes better, they're usually way too aggressive on the eyes.

But those dark & black themes, no matter how appealing to the eye, they make me all depressed after using them for a while.

I need some colors in my life!

Ich hasse diese "Dein Server ist zwischen 22 und 9 Uhr wegen Wartungsarbeiten weg"-Arschmails.

So I was just recording something for that Godot demo reel thingβ€” Not only did the release build of the game look like shit compared to the debug export, I also recorded a still image of the menu for half an hour. Not doing another attempt, you won't see The Amazing Ball Game in that video.

(Yes, I know there is a "test" resolution setting, I just don't want to bother every player with fullscreen mode per default.)

What would help me in my situation:
- Being able to set a "native" resolution for the game and a default resolution to run the game when started
- Being able to import textures at a higher resolution with a lower "native" resolution, so they won't break my UI themes
Should I open an issue on Github for this kind of stuff?

Still trying to find out how to deal with Textures in Godot. I'm developing the game at half of 1080p, but naturally, all my textures' resolutions will be half of what they should be when the game is run in fullscreen mode?? like??? why am I even using SVG for this?

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