Twitter has disabled to ability for verified Twitter accounts to tweet after a massive hack affected multiple verified accounts

Wondering and hoping this is a place for peace and calm, the other hellsite is like an IV of anxiety straight into one’s veins.

Same exact page, same version of the book, completely different page and location numbers. Pretty much makes them useless.

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Completely unable to sync between my Kindle and the iOS Kindle App, despite trying β€œsync to latest page”, entering the location number and page number. It never lines up. Who built this garbage?

ugh could that vice article be any more wrong

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Fun trip to Augusta and Portland, ME. Back in the city now. (Also I left my debit card in Portland and only realized halfway into my drive home)

Experimenting with the studies app ( to take better notes of things as I learn them

I hope charles’ 4th ride is as good as his first three

My new dating app requires participants to correspond exclusively in photographs of handwritten notes- send toot

I was supposed to clean my apartment and take a shower before I went upstate for the weekend but I took a nap instead

Deleted Twitter and Instagram. Gonna start posting creations I would normally post on my IG on this channel:

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