Before and after retirement. I needed to move more and it’s working. This is good.

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we tested all the components individually and no problems were found 😂

Today is the first day of the fall semester for my old colleagues. I retired in May but this is really the first day of my retirement. I am sad to not be there and very happy at the same time. I’m sitting with my new dog planning my relaxed day. There will be some house cleaning, some shop time, and walks with Jazz. Just what the doctor ordered.


What’s the best thing to do after you roll around in dead fish? A nap with a favorite toy, course. We humans just don’t get it.


Making your own tools is maybe more addicting than coding. And once you’ve made something you keep wanting to improve it and tweak it. Sounds familiar, eh? My small panel gauge needed something more so I added a cabochon made out of a tagua nut and shaped it more. It looks good with the bubinga. The body is maple with brass rods and bars.

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In 1985, I had the privilege to be the project engineer on this machine. It had a VAX 11/780 class CPU chip, 25MB MFM drive, and the monitor resolution was 1024x864. We also wrote a windowing system and presentation layer called UIS (User Interface Services). This was our third machine (VAXStation I and VAXStation II were the 2 previous), and we got a VAX into a shoebox. This sold really well, got me a great promotion, and the eye of the CEO. I became one of his goto engineers. Good times.

You know you’re a geek when the word “cash” gets autocorrected to “cache”.

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Toot!app a11y 

I just filed accessibility issues against the @tootapp beta.

- Missing labels for Profile and Settings buttons:
- Better reading of a toot:
- Condense amount of swipes and add custom actions to each toot:
- Inaccessible Toot! button when composing:
- Toot button at bottom of main screen doesn't activate:
- Local Timeline tab problems:

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Jazz thinks there are too many cats here on

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Oh, so I'm starting to collect a list of people who might be interested in a native Mac tootclient...

Feel free to toot'n'boost this.

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Developers shouldn’t stagnate. Go and try other languages if only to see how they do things differently. You’ll love some things and and might dislike others.

Here are five things I love about :

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I wish I could rapidly order a small potato snack via Mastodon so I could get Two Tots by Tooting, Tout Suite

My crazy new dog is barking at my hat. We’re in for a fun ride, eh?


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