Web+ on a phone

Just like on my Macbook, I have a full copy of my source under git. I'm running Hugo and a Node.js-based rsync watcher. It's offline-first and I have both local offline live reload and streaming updates when online in live mode.



@aral Hey Aral, now you've been playing with Dat, is there any way to use Dat from a standard browser?

I mean: is there any library I can use in my WebApps to deal with Dat addresses and downloading Dat files from the browser?

@ekaitz_zarraga @aral There's half-baked work on WebRTC. It was abandoned as it doesn't perform well. Still might be worth looking into. Also see Jim Pick's Shopping List app for a different approach.


@aral Thanks mate, I'll take a look.
I think IPFS works better on that regard but I don't really like the "permanent web" idea.

I have to dig more.

@aral @ekaitz_zarraga Didn't know that. It would explain why they seem to have so many developers.

@aral Yeah, I know but I don't really care about that if the software is free software.

Most of the things in this world are made by corporations or VCs. I'm not into that for myself, but if I were really strict about that I'd never use anything.

IPFS is interesting, it works fine and it's free software. It's ok for me. What I don't like is Protocol Labs, but the technology itself is fair IMO.

Get what I mean?

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