about electromagnetic :
i recently read some considerations about EMFields health effects. everybody should already know their non-ionizing property (just like visible light), but what's about non-termic effects?

i've seen some studies classifying them as "possibly carcinogens" (please read what this really means who.int/peh-emf/publications/f)

i find this quite alarmist. what do you people think?


@jartigag I read a book about it by the spanish CSIC called "Radiofrecuencias y salud" which explains the whole thing very well:


But i'd like to hear more about it.

In general people is concerned about the newest kinds of EMI which are the High Frequency ones, which, at the same time have been proved to be innocuous. There's a long term study on mobile phone freq. but I don't remember the source...

We have to separate this stuff from political agendas.

@ekaitz_zarraga so cool! in "waves propagation" class we were told radiations in communication are non-ionizing, but that's all

@jartigag They are but they affect to the body temperature. Since the implantation of the radio communications the body temperature raised 1ºC, but it's ok.
There's a limit on that. The law defines they can't increase more than 1ºC because 1ºC can be reabsorbed by the body.
In the book they explain a lot of stuff related to that.

It's good. I recommend you to read it. You probably have it in your university's library.

@ekaitz_zarraga i'll look for it.
this topic comes because i read "sal de la máquina", by sergio legaz. there's a chapter about this in it. he says the <1ºC increase is dissipated by blood.
about security distances from telephony antennas, the limits are: 5m in spain, 58m in eu, 300m in belgium, 500m in australia..

@jartigag The thing is there's politic agenda involved.
Look, in a town here in the Basque Country they said they didn't want antennas in home buildings so they moved them outside the town. The town is surrounded by mountains so perfect.
The population was happy, they had coverage and the agenda was perfectly covered.

Problem: if you move the antennas further, they need more power -> they affect more to the living animals around.

@ekaitz_zarraga just that! even your batteries die earlier (apart from this effects you mentioned, since we are animals the same)

@ekaitz_zarraga he also mentions a study where they found that "childhood leukemia cases double when there's a EMF exposition >0,4uT" (when common levels at european homes are 0,07uT)

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