The map is not the territory.

World Mercator Projection with True Size Country Added
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@jd It's really cool but i'd say that's the real size but not the real shape... mercator deforms the shape more in the places nearer to the poles, so the real shapes are reduced in a different way... i guess...

It *says* "True Size", not true shape, doesn't it?

@erAck @jd It does, but it's cool to know the shape would be other, isn't it?

@ekaitz_zarraga @jd Basically, pretty much every attempt at map "projection" is an attempt to make sense out of the topography of a sphere on a sheet of paper. Gotta make it fit somehow.

The first time I saw Earth on TV via an Apollo mission telecast, it took me forever to make sense of it - not just because of the swirling cloud cover, but because it wasn't in "north is up" position like the globe in school.

@ekaitz_zarraga @jd
There is a very interesting article on Wikipedia about this issue:
When I read it I was amazed at the complexity of it, in the sense of trying to keep all the properties of the countries (relative areas, shapes, positions...)

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