Today I had the visit of a good friend and a better human being.

I finished the migration from to and the code runs 100 times faster (not exaggerating).

I learned to cook properly.

And I almost completed a plan but I couldn't. But I count it as a success too, because I learned from it.

So great I guess.

@txusinho Did you play it?
I'm enjoying it but I'd say it's not the best game I've played. I like the art, it's good for inspiration, but I prefer other games like Borderlands for instance.
I'm having more fun with Borderlands playing with @eider than playing DarkSouls.

It's frustrating and that's not always good. Depends on the mood you are I guess.

@ekaitz_zarraga I've played DS1, and 2. Bored after 10 minutes. I think it's been overrated because it does the same as 15-years-old-games. Give nothing to little help and a sttep learning curve.

Neither revolutionary, nor enjoyable


@txusinho The story behind looks interesting but difficult to find.

The weapon improvement stuff is just too complicated.

It has some bad points, yeah.
I'm starting to notice that now I don't know where to go in the game.

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