my first steps on 😊
i was like 8-10 (i don't really remember) when i borrowed a book about visual basic from my town's library.
it was easy to follow the code to make a battleship game and figure out on the way how programming works

a few days after finishing the battleship game, i found a picture of an (i supposed) imaginary game. i thought it would be could if it had existed..
so i coded it 😉

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@oscoder87 right! i discovered it later.
i still want to learn how to play go some day..


@jartigag @oscoder87 I started to play go again after some years with @cmhobbs (who is now disappeared for the internet and I hope he's fine!). I made a couple of go boards to learn and teach algorithms.
It's a nice problem to solve tbh.

This is when I started with :

And this is the same thing for my students:

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@ekaitz_zarraga @oscoder87 @cmhobbs i'm figuring out how go works. i'll train with gnugo 💪
it will take me some time to really know how to play, so until that.. let randomness decide 😜

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