Centralised web wisdom: if your web app doesn’t work without JavaScript, it is broken.

Peer web wisdom: If your web app works without JavaScript, it is not decentralised.

JavaScript isn’t the enemy; servers are.

(Read this as many times as necessary for it to really sink in as it’s literally the opposite of what folks, myself included, popularised on the centralised web for nearly two decades. If your app works without JavaScript, it means you have logic on a centralised server somewhere.)


@aral You are supposing only way to make apps is the browser... That's a hardcore assumption imo.

I've been thinking similarly for a while but nowadays I try to avoid making web based stuff.

In my opinion the problem is the modern web's architecture and our stupid tendency to make stuff on top of it.

Why not come back to the standalone desktop/mobile app era?

@ekaitz_zarraga Whatever gave you that idea? :) It’s one node among many. The bridge is, of course, a bridge to p2p native nodes.

Here’s an oldie but a goldie on the whole web vs native thing from a gentler time (8 years ago) :)


@aral Oh! Re-read the post and I think I misunderstood it a little.
So great! love to be wrong here!

@ekaitz_zarraga And actually sent you an older diagram by mistake. The latest one is this.

@ekaitz_zarraga Wow – the results on that university are amazing. Will definitely give it a shot, thanks :)

@ekaitz_zarraga w00t! :) Would give even better results without the dot grid I was using. Thanks again :)

@aral No probs mate, it's just something I found accidentally and works like a charm :D

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