@ekaitz_zarraga i recently started to follow the @drymer's log, updated each week:

he also writes blogposts from time to time: daemons.it/posts/rss.xml

@ekaitz_zarraga i get a place on this thread 👁️
my rss feed hungers for personal blogs! :)

@ekaitz_zarraga Hard on the phone but yes! Here you have it xD The guy is a pro and the content is quality always

@sporiff Yeah! I know the project, what I think is really crazy is the content!!!

@ekaitz_zarraga You're too kind :) I've just been kind of picking things up since I left university. Hard to get a job in Japanese mythology 😜

@sporiff Well, having a job in something doesn't really make it more valuable. I respect that kind of interests, I really do.
They say a lot of things of about how people is and your specific case is really interesting.
I really like to meet people like you.

Maybe it is because I'd love to have the chance to move to different areas as you did. I'm a telecom engineer but I've worked semi-professionally as a miniature sculptor in the past but I never studied art and I'd love to.

@ekaitz_zarraga Studying art is really helpful in all aspects of life, I think. It helps you to think about things differently. Combine that with a strong technical/analytical mind and you'd be a force to be reckoned with.

Plus, computers are fascinating, but I don't find them beautiful. I like them, but I love folkloric tales.

Do you have any pictures of your sculptures anywhere?

@sporiff well... I have some random pictures on the internet

But you may like some of the new ones I uploaded to artstation, for obvious reasons:


I have many more out there but they are quite old and they don't really represent what I do.

Computers are beautiful too! I started looking to programming language internals and so on and I really find them beautiful. Maybe because they are like arts... ways of expression.

@ekaitz_zarraga These are amazing! I really love that Oni bust. Looks like something straight out of a Kabuki theatre.

I think if I got more into programming I'd see the beauty of it. There is something pleasing about the logical nature of computing, but unfortunately I mostly seem to work in a support/sysadmin capacity and haven't had much opportunity to learn coding as I'd like. I've done a few bots and other bits and pieces, but one day I'd like to get stuck into dev proper.

@sporiff Aaaaaw thank you!

Yeah, I understand. Everything has a part of beauty and sometimes it's difficult to understand. I don't remember who said it but there's a quote that says when you get to a level of mastery on a subject you can see the beauty of it.

BTW: I saw you are Shotokai black belt! I practiced Shotokan for years but I had to leave it quite near of getting my black belt... That's something I really regret but I may try again :D

@ekaitz_zarraga As with anything, I think, you need to get good at it to appreciate it. For example, I used to find Vim horribly complicated. Now I can't live without it 😜

Yeah! I used to teach karate when I was a teenager. I'm horribly unfit now, but did get back into it briefly a couple of years back. You should go back to class! It shouldn't take you long to shake off the rust. It's kind of like riding a bike, if you can remember the technique it's just about improving the body's use of it.

@sporiff I have to!
Let's see if the company goes well and I get some extra free time for this!
I need to make some good exercise...

(same feeling with Vim. Nowadays I use Vim for *everything*)

@ekaitz_zarraga Best of luck with it!

I use Vim/Vim keybindings to control **everything** on my personal machine. I don't really know how I managed before...

@ekaitz_zarraga What sort of things are you interested in re blogs?

@JubalBarca I'm mostly a telecom engineer that works with software. I like that kind of things. More the technical the better.

But I also like arts and some other stuff.

@ekaitz_zarraga yo hace años que sigo a José Alcántara (@versvs). No siempre estoy de acuerdo con él pero siempre me hace pensar versvs.net/

@ekaitz_zarraga Rafael.Bonifaz.ec/blog not that active, pero a veces publico cosas


They have rss feeds of course. It's by John Baez, who is a mathematician that I gave had the pleasure of meeting on a few occasions. He used to be on G+ but now mostly on twitter, at least that's what I've been told

@ekaitz_zarraga todos los #plume traen #rss activado de serie 😀 👍 Mira el

con su icono bien visible

o aqui backup

xosem.gitlab.io/rss.xml 😊

@xosem Sí! Mastodon también tiene!
Qué guay, le echo un ojo!
Un abrazote

@ekaitz_zarraga I can share mine, although it is more nerd than cool. ;-) Add "feed" to the URL for RSS. I write mostly in Spanish but this URL is for posts in English. I should translate more posts to English. -- blog.alvarezp.org/categorias/p

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