I wrote a post about ElenQ Technology's documentation templates and why do we use them and how with the excuse of releasing the templates code:

@Shamar I thought you asked about the documentation the other day, here is a way of dealing with documents. You probably know it but check this out just in case.

This is an example of the Book template. It's done with the old template system that needs a Makefile and a very specific directory system that now is not needed but the PDF is the same:

Pandoc is written in haskell, I never read its code but you may not need to. You can make filters than transform the AST of the document so... you don't really need to read Pandoc's code.

Pandoc has also support for reStructuredText so you can use it (even with my templates!).

@Shamar If you want to see some article template I'll send you some via email or so, because all the examples I have are business stuff :D

@ekaitz_zarraga markdown, clean templates, oneline commands, powerful but simple.. 😍
i'm really re-reading this post calmly

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