@efi :)

Btw it's able to move the mouse and all that. I only need to code the listener for the screen size and I'll share the code.

Are you interested?

@ekaitz_zarraga nope, I've done things in terms and I'd rather use a gl term like lanterna for the things I wanna make, but thanks =3


@efi No, just Java and I don't want to use a big lib for something I can make myself.

@efi UGH Now I need to put the terminal in non canonical mode and Lanterna does that in a very special way... Makes use of JNA...

Argh... :(

I don't know what to do now... I have to use termios but Java doesn't have a native way to interact with that... And I want to make it small.

Should I add the JNA to this in order to have POSIX support? I don't really know how to add it...

@ekaitz_zarraga oof, I've not done enough research to know what termios or JNA do, I don't even remember what canonical means here, sorry =(
you could try searching the other way around, see what things add posix support instead of what things get it, idk

@efi This is the JNA:

I can use it to change the mode of the terminal to character mode. But I don't know how to compile all this java bullshit.

It's going to be a lot of fun for sure.

There is an ugly workaround that I've seen. Call the external program stty to set this option.

@loke @efi yup. But that's not cool!

I've been avoiding it for many things and using it now for this looks like I'm giving up.

(I'll probably give up anyway at some point, I'm a horrible person)

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