people should be able to choose their own way of consuming content, even when that content is produced by others
DRM, proprietary data formats, and other needless complicating factors get in the way of that

the super cool thing about computers is that they can transform and filter data efficiently and I think it's a shame when the immense resources poured into their creation is wasted on providing companies a platform where they fight to pull users into their walled garden and/or enslave their attention to generate ad revenue.


I've talked before about how I think we'll see "digital nations" and "digital citizenship" within my lifetime.

As we spend more and more time online and these internet cultures come into play, I think that eventually where you cyber-live at online will become super important to your identity.

Like one of the main issues I have with the way we do citizenship and stuff in the "real world" is that it is pretty much locked in by what country you plopped out of at and your parents.


But in a huge digital nation you would have the freedom to not be locked in by the geographic and parental circumstances of your birth.

Thus you would have the freedom to move about and settle as you saw fit.

In practice this would give people an incredible amount of freedom to develop their own natural and cultural identity that does not depend on geopolitical bullshit.


And the 10% or so "global elite" would fucking hate this with a passion.

Because it would overtime make their power structure and control over cultural and national destiny irrelevant.

It's going to be hard to go to war when the people in your "real world" country exist in and have deep friendships with tons of people that live in that other "real world" country you want to go to war with.

@Tau_Leonis Easier communication across physical boundaries could definitely help in weakening those boundaries, which would be super rad because right now Some People are really way too fucking into borders and nationalities.


I think part of that is just a natural fear reaction. This is the first time in global history that this has occurred.

Like up until the invention of trains in the early 19th century it was common for people to never go more than 20 miles from the place they were born at.

And with the invention of the car and affordable intercontinental flights the world has only gotten smaller.

And now you don't even need to physically travel in person.

The globe is shrinking (continued)


And I think some people are not ready to handle that.

And now that we have so much access to information and ability to communicate with others it is making people challenge traditional sources of authority.

Like the majority of stuff I know about oppressed people I would not know if it weren't for the Internet. Because it sure as hell is not going to be shown in mainstream news, TV, media, etc. as these only perpetuate the existing power structure and reinforce it.

@Tau_Leonis Yup. But when you only get your news from Facebook, that's even worse. At least traditional media can't optimize itself to addict you to timed dopamine hits.


Speaking of getting news only from Facebook, I've been chatting with some of my friends in education about how the new digital era makes it to where it is critically important to teach Students how to consider sources, credibility, bias, tone, etc. when they read news (and not just on the Internet this goes for print and TV media as well) oh and make sure they understand things like the Scientific Method and Historical Method and Literary Criticism.

@Tau_Leonis oh hey this reminds me
@Shamar you remember when you did that thing where you talked about crypto and stuff with kids? Me and my sis came up with the idea that I should do one for her class, can you give some pointers??

@Shamar @Tau_Leonis 13-14 year olds, don't know about the hours yet, I guess a 45 minute pilot lecture could work for a start, we'll see if they wanna continue afterwards. I made a repo quickly:

(nothing in it yet)

@Shamar @grainloom @Tau_Leonis Yeah but I have nothing to add in this context, I need something more specific.

@Shamar Amusement or Fun are good things to add to that list.

In spanish makes more sense:
Divertir: lat. divertĕre 'go through many paths'.


@Shamar You can add that, because hackers are curious because it's funny for them.
That may mean many things.

For instance, that is something to understand and have under control... In my case it's breaking my mind so... I have to control and understand it.

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