Let's talk about non native English speakers on the net.

This is a conversation we have to have.


English is my third language.

I don't really studied a lot of it and most of what I know is just from reading stuff on the internet.


If you don't understand something I say or if you feel that it might be understood in many ways, just ask. Don't presume that I know what I'm saying.

Language gap is a problem.
Do your fucking best.

I've seen too much bullshit these days.

It's hard for me to explain complex concepts in English.
If we are discussing or whatever, you are probably going to "win" if that's what you want.

If you want to have a constructive communication... maybe forget about "winning" and try to understand.

I try to do it and it feels good.
I also ask when you use sayings I don't understand. It's great to learn from you.

Wrapping up:



@ekaitz_zarraga Two points: 1- A discussion is not "won" by the person who impose their views, but by the person who learns something. 2- I always thought your english was pretty good (but I have to admit that it is my third language too).

@ekaitz_zarraga Big fucking mood; English is also my thrid language (chronologically, at least) after French and Russia, and I live in a German-speaking country (my 4th language).

People here complain when I “force” them to converse with me in English (rather than Austrian German), but the exact thing you described happens if we are speaking German.

Also, in meatspace it easily gets too fast for me to follow & interact, and then people complain when I leave the conversation...

@ekaitz_zarraga I'm always grateful when people accept my pitiful French and German

«Don't presume that I know what I'm saying.»
Me encanta. Eso también vale para mí, independientemente de en qué lengua me exprese 🤪🤪🤪🤪

@ekaitz_zarraga Thanks for learning it, makes it easy for me.

English is my only language and I often get misunderstood by other English speakers.

The biggest difference in all conversations I have is whether the other parties are taking me in good or bad faith. This is why the Internet is so frustrating, it's mostly strangers who come into the conversation already hating me. In real life at least my friends and coworkers assume I'm sane.

@CharredStencil It happens a lot, even more if you don't feel really comfortable writing in a language and it's hard for you to find accurate words.


We should always read as the writer had good faith, and also write with good faith. The fediverse looks like the right place to do this.

@ekaitz_zarraga The Fediverse and IRC are a little better, because I'm likely to see the same people day after day and build up a reputation.

Reddit has been a disaster for me because I'm starting from 0 every time, and I can't filter out the bad people.

@CharredStencil Never commented on reddit.

Just visited it a couple of times and that's enough for me atm. haha



I had a wonderful holiday in Bilbao and San Sebastian

Several years ago, admittedly

But I loved it

We rented a car and drove along the coast

The mix of ocean and mountain was stunning

@AbbieNormal I live in Bilbao (in the center of the city). If you want to visit Bilbao again... I have a small extra bed and I'm a good cook.
Offer done.


We stopped to sleep in a very small village with a huge luxury hotel and an enormous beach

Both the hotel and the beach were desert and we got a bargain on the night

In the morning, after breakfast, we had a walk on the beach, barefooted

The sky was leady and the sea was Cobalt blue


@AbbieNormal It's not very normal tbh, it rains a lot here and it's always cloudy. :D

But it's a great place to visit.

I really like living here.


But also don't presume that we don't know what we're saying. Just kindly ask for clarifications if you're not sure. Asking questions is generally a good thing to do, unless told otherwise.

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