Why not create a -like tool but free software.
Like with all the high-poly capability.
Maybe just a -like one. Simple but effective.

@ekaitz_zarraga because holy fuck you don't know anything about complexity


@efi Learning is my world baby.
We don't need all the tools it has, there are blender and meshlab for many of them. Just a voxel based free sculpting tool.

@ekaitz_zarraga go learn C then, gonna need raw memory access for that shiet

@efi You think so?
I'm wondering it the algorithms are good enough to be able to make them work from a high-level aggressively multithreaded approach.

@efi (anyway I know some C, who you think are you talking to? 🤓 )

@ekaitz_zarraga if that was a thing, testcraft would use 1/16th the voxel size it uses

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