I'm studying a survey that the Basque government does to check the level of poverty of people here because we are making a study about immigration. The idea is to show how good the immigration is for the basque country and how much we need it.
(we need it a lot, because we are a really old society etc)

Studying the amount of money they spend per month to check their impact in the GDP...

With 444 samples, this is one of the numbers I get:
Median savings per month: 0.0

I want to cry

So, at least the half of the families who answered the survey don't save ANY FUCKING MONEY per month.

This is disastrous.

@ekaitz_zarraga sounds quite possible if they're paying rent and only one works with a poor pay

@piggo Yeah dude, I also have info about their expenses and the income. Many of them have more than one person working and they are still saving 0.
This is so disgusting.


@piggo Yeah, sure, but I didn't check it yet.

I can predict it's the rent.

@ekaitz_zarraga it is indeed. I am one of those though I don't consider I 'm living in poverty; maybe that's because I have no children. Well, I have like 1,000€ saved for studying and they will be gone soon.

@ekaitz_zarraga is this for lack of funds or for lack of education in money management?

@Indie Life is expensive for the salaries they have.
And many of them don't have a job because they are immigrants and nobody likes them.

@ekaitz_zarraga una duda. Y esa mediana cambia con la diversidad de la zona?. Si se puede medir. Coges una zona por código postal o algo y miras cuanta dirvesidad de procedencia hay allí y su mediana de ahorros. Por ver si hay cambios.
La diversidad piedes calcularla como la entropía de shannon por ejemplo.

@Phoenix_alx No lo he comprobado aún, tampoco es la intención de este estudio.
Pero vamos a aprovechar estos datos para hablar de otras cosas. Tengo que mirar en detalle.
Apunto eso porque es interesante.

@Phoenix_alx Lo que no sé es si tengo suficientes encuestas para tener una muestra suficientemente significativa por zonas.
Pero queda pendiente.
La idea es cojonuda.

@ekaitz_zarraga guay, genial. Ya si te pones puedes contrastar las zonas con presencia de casas de apuestas, loterias y demás con lo que ahorran

@Phoenix_alx Eso creo que va a requerir más datos.
Estos datos son del gobierno vasco y son pocas encuestas para un territorio tan grande. Tengo 1000 encuestas para 3 millones de habitantes...
No sé si voy a tenerlo bien atado. Pero puedo intentar atacar una ciudad grande, como Bilbao para seguir con y sacar algo de ahí.

@Ninjatrappeur with a 600€ salary what you can do if your rent is at least 800?

@ekaitz_zarraga Well, there's definitely something wrong in that :/

What is exactly included in your data? Tax-declared income?

Could this come from the fact the poorer you are, the more likely you are to work in a undeclared fashion?

@Ninjatrappeur It's an anonimous survey, so people answers the truth probably.
It is supposed to include undeclared jobs.

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