Wild idea I’ve been toying with: A clean room in the forest

Specifically, a similar structure to a cabin, but with 2 chambers. Both lined on the inside with HDPE sheets (basically, the same material as those white cutting boards; high-density polyethylene)

And like cutting boards, the walls would be easy to clean/wash down and be resistant to solvents

Obviously, it’s a far future project, but it would be nice to tinker with dust-sensitive electronics or even make my own chip fab in the woods

‪The whole cabin premise is part of an experiment to see how much “high tech” I can bring into rustic settings. My guess is a lot, but only one way to be sure‬

I think simple life can be made more convenient with the niceties of modern technology without going overboard or encroaching on that simplicity

I want to explore what kinds of tech I can make or repair myself. So another thing I want to try is DIY plastics without the use of petrochemicals. Maybe like hemp and natural resin composites

@cypnk One of my goals in life is to create a full electronics development setup with free hardware and software and low tech.

The other is to create the same thing for plastic recycling.

@ekaitz_zarraga I think “upcycling” has a lot of promise here too. Reusing tech normally discarded relatively intact. Also incorporating rapidly reusable material like bamboo which grows quickly and produces strong fibers

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