I see so many people here that produce so many different kinds of cool and creative things and I want to know what the work methodology is to make it happen.

What's everyone's fix for carving out the time when you have several time-intensive interests?

I've been trying to make a habit of committing time each day to web dev, visual art, and music, but it seems inevitable that at least one of them doesn't happen after a while. Life gets busy. What do you do? What's your schedule?

@neauoire @luxpris The trick is to lower your expenses, set up a Patreon, and go live on a sailboat 😉

@neauoire @luxpris In all seriousness, I'm also curious about this. I feel like I had much more time and energy to work on small projects a few years ago. Working to rekindle that flame.

@ndpi @luxpris Then try journaling, read Marcus Aurelius' writing on the topic and try it.

@neauoire @luxpris Is Meditations the text you have in mind, or something else? How do you approach journalling?

@ndpi @luxpris yeah, book 2 and 3 talk about journaling, try reading that.

Everyday for the past 15 years, I write what I did on that day, just one line, like "2 hours playing music". It takes 2 seconds to do, but gives me an overview of my personal rythms and stamina, how much time I can dedicate to any one task, or topic.

@neauoire @luxpris It occurs to me that personal time tracking systems are the hacker's lightsaber — everyone has to build their own that fits them

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