People from SPIP made the database column names in french.




The true and false values are "oui" and "non". GREAT

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@ekaitz_zarraga wait, `export` defaults to 'oui' but is a varchar(10). What kind of french boolean is that? O.o

@ekaitz_zarraga please tell my you can run through some data and see what other values that field are supposed to take.

@ekaitz_zarraga @zatnosk that fits with a lot of work I have seen from French institutions.

Which really confuses me, every French person I have met and worked with directly has been very competent, but somehow French institutions look like they are run by incompetent people.

I blame management.

@inmysocks @ekaitz_zarraga You probably have to be very competent to make anything work despite french bureaucracy.

@zatnosk @ekaitz_zarraga
That is very true
I don't know how much sense this will make if you don't know French, but it is an almost perfect example of French management from what I have seen.

@zatnosk @ekaitz_zarraga it is probably important to know that the 'th' sound used in English is one of the hardest sounds for French people learning English to understand what is going on there.

"logo logo each article and section can have a dedicated logo"

Thank you for explaining this very foreign word I didn't know the meaning of.

@ekaitz_zarraga true, but that's a technical detail that should be apparent from database, code or other documentation - not that necessary to translate :P

@ekaitz_zarraga Another proof that the good thing does not always win.

@b_b I'm doing a migration script for a client and I'm having a really bad time with the column names...

@ekaitz_zarraga were are (dumb) french speakers, but we also try to help people feel free to ask here or on you'll be bienvenue ;)

(which mean Service Après Don)

@ekaitz_zarraga : "it's really interesting software... you have been superhelpful... thank you very much :)"

(y) et voilà, glad to help you


You're wrong, "referers" is in english :😄

But honestly, "chapo" is just killing me 😂
I'm not sure but if it is a bad joke with "chapeau" (sounds the same) or a contraction of like "chapitre 0" -> "chap. 0" -> "chapo".

I have this book IN FRENCH.

It is really disturbing to see technical terms in French.
For the best, or the worst 🤔 😄

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