So, my people, looks like the python course is going to happen. I'd like to have around 10 students.

It's going to be at @teknahi 's agora, a forum that ElenQ (me lol) and them manage collectively and I'll upload my video talks to
Forum is a closed place but the lessons that are interesting for *universe* will be published openly.

Who's in?

We'll probably start with an introduction with some details about version control.

@felix @teknahi I'll go with and see how it works. If it's not working I'll ping you :D

@ekaitz_zarraga @teknahi well peeryube has the advantage that people can directly share and comment the videos from mastodon ;)

@ekaitz_zarraga @teknahi guess that's for you to decide, might be good for promotion^^

@felix I might be interested for a different thing. These lessons is interesting to have them in an isolate environment.

Just because my curiosity need to be fulfilled but "Teknahi" is a play of words with basque words "teknologia" and "nahi" ?


@ekaitz_zarraga @Xipiryon
And teknai is the plural of τέχνη, too.
For me, human abilities in the frontiers of art and science :)

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