We are almost 10 people in the course is preparing!
I think 10 is a good amount so if you are interested on a slow-paced python course with interesting implementation details and general programming knowledge done by this crazy motherfucker... ping me.

I have a *simple* platform for it and OF COURSE this course is friendly for all people that are oppressed by this society.
I want you *all* to be able to do your computing.

I might sound rude and aggressive here but *respect* is the most important thing in my courses so you are going to be safe.

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I'm also thinking about the price of the course but it's going to be around 100€, but not more than that.

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@ekaitz_zarraga ¿Qué es Python? Acabo de descargarme Linux y no tengo ni idea :(

@honor_ No tiene nada que ver con linux en realidad. Es un lenguaje de programación. Lee un poco por ahí, no te costará encontrar información.

@ekaitz_zarraga Is it «python for dummies» or do you need any previous knowledge?

@xrasl @editora Depends on the students' level. But it will probably need some previous knowledge about informatics (what's a path, a file and those things)

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