Does anyone know a AMD processor + AMD graphics card laptop that comes without Windows and can recommend?

I need a laptop with USB-C with charging and Display Port.

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@ekaitz_zarraga IDK if it can be ordered without Windows, but I have a Lenovo X395 w/AMD CPU & GPU that runs Linux.

@darhma It's cool, yeah, but it doesn't have DisplayPort capable USB-C. :(

@ekaitz_zarraga I don't really know any right now, but I have heard so many times, that (if you can) it is worth waiting for more ryzen 4000 laptops. They're releasing as we speak, and I'm sure non windows vendors are coming (I think lenovo is planning for a linux release of some thinkpads)

Caveat: I haven't done enough research to know if any of them come with dedicated AMD graphics but the 4000 mobile CPUs come with an APU if that is enough for your use case.

@ekaitz_zarraga yeah, but you can upgrade the second slot to 32 for a total of 40.

@ekaitz_zarraga Maybe that option is only available in the student offer

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