18 Free Static Hosting Providers for Your Static Website in 2020: devandgear.com/posts/18-free-h

I've been using my own homeserver, and would be happy to offer static web hosting to anyone who wants it. Particularly kiwis.

@ekaitz_zarraga @alcinnz Neocities is nice. They don't support FTP unfortunately but their backend + frontend is libre: github.com/neocities

They also have a cli client that's very easy to use with tsocks if you're the kind of person who hates running JS (👋)

Their support is always very fast to respond in the few times I've needed them and I've never heard of them blocking Tor connections either. Evening signing into your account and making edits via Tor works.


@polarisfm @alcinnz It is very cool. I tweaked the python api package they have for my purposes and works like a charm in 100 LoC.

They have WebDav support for payed users. And they are free software!

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