Does anyone know a programming language design and implementation community?

Boosts welcome.

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@ekaitz_zarraga future of coding? not quite language design, but lots of language designers

@pybonacci yap! I know those. I read some of python's implementations in the past too.

The only problem is this is too focused to one language and not to general theory but it's a great resource anyway. Thank you!

@ekaitz_zarraga python is a melting pot of amazing ideas from different programming languages/communities. But, yeah, of course is python focused.

Pypy is also a good community to learn about jitting dynamic languages.

Maybe rust? Learning from the past to create the new system language?

@pybonacci I know more or less what I want to build, but I want to discuss about how to build it.
A community of crazy language creators is a thing I want to dig in so I can read what they think in their small languages and get inspiration on that.
making a language like python or rust is a huge amount of work and, even if i'm interested on that, it's impossible for me, so i need the view of individual enthusiasts rather than full development teams.

@ekaitz_zarraga maybe DSLs based on other larger programming languages?

I'm sorry I don't know where to find such communities. Maybe asking on HN or reddit.

@pybonacci I found some here :D
Don't worry.
HN and reddit are a nono for me

@ekaitz_zarraga It sounds like you are looking for a university like MIT.

Perhaps they have such a community?

@urusan hm i guess... but I'm living at the other side of the globe so IDK if I have access to that.

@ekaitz_zarraga Depending what you mean by community and its associated ICFP and other conferences.

In large, I'd it woth having a look at academia and your local university (if any).

@Ninjatrappeur My university is a Telecom/Industrial university so nope. The other option is in Donostia, which is like 60km away and I don't believe they work on programming language research...

@robey There are some in this thread, if you can see the messages I'll list you some that I really liked.
Just ask!

@ekaitz_zarraga There are some language devs around here who might have pointers. Hopefully they don't mind being @-ed?
cc: @edwinb ?
I think the lead PyPy dev is also around here somewhere...

@ekaitz_zarraga Maybe not what you're hoping for, but maybe the JaiLang would interest you (I don't think it's public yet), but this is an intersting initiative to make a less cluttery language for game (and more general purpose):

@Xipiryon I know it! yeah!
It's what finally made me decide to dig on languages after playing around with Clojures, Scheme and so on.

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