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So, you have to love this: mastodon.social/@tomharris/298

Dude’s having a go at me for “Arriving, immediately trying to position yourself as a community leader, making an asinine, fuck-all point…”

Now wait for it… on my own instance, running from my own domain, hosted on my own server.

So you’re basically yelling at me for posting my thoughts on my own site? Do you also scream “I hate your flower arrangements" at people while walking past the gardens of their homes?

*smh* :)

Ekaitz Zárraga 👹 @ekaitz_zarraga@mastodon.social

@aral "that guy who goes to activist meetings to pick up girls"

Is this serious?

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@ekaitz_zarraga I have no idea where he pulled that one out of. I don’t even know the guy and I don't go to activists meetings :)

@aral It's funny because one starts talking and all the others go increasing the attack.


aaaah... people.

I've been talking with that guy in the past, I don't remember him as an idiot... I don't really understand what happened.

Who cares?
Ignore it and keep living your life.

@ekaitz_zarraga @aral I'm pretty sure that "activist meeting" bit isn't referring to Aral - try looking at which subthread it's responding to. :)