As I don't want to deal with fucking Timezones and shit I'll announce it right now.

At my free time at I've made a *proof-of-concept* of a Mastodon Art gallery what I want to give to the community and let you take part on the development if you like.

You can visit it at

Thank you @Curator for the help, the support and for putting it live!!

Read more here:

Merry Christmas!


@Curator I've put Curator's TV in the picture because I'm tooooooo bad taking pictures and my laptop doesn't look that awesome.

And yeah, it has tons of errors in the code (I'm sure) and we have to develop some stuff more, but that's the gift itself. The gift is we can make many things more on top of the technology we have.

That's what I do.


Maybe @Gargron would like this?

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