@ekaitz_zarraga With the issues that recently Intel has, A RISC chip if they make an advance one they can make Intel to be scare!

@neomoevius Also RISC-V is a free architecture. That could change the tendency the industry has!

@ekaitz_zarraga Well it depens on the company if the use a license like BSD this could make them boost. But if they decide to put a GPL who could know what can happen ?

@neomoevius Take a look, RISC-V is not made by SiFive, it was developed by University of California and it's BSD licensed.


There are other RISC cores under GPL license I think.

@ekaitz_zarraga COOL ! I near the future I would love to have a device like that ! specially with FreeBSD or Debian Linux preinstalled !

@neomoevius There's OpenPOWER too but they are making other kind of processors.

The chip industry is changing, I think (and hope).

@neomoevius OpenPOWER comes from that but it's a new processor for powerful workstations or servers.
It's backed by many manufacturers, like IBM.

They have a foundation too:

@ekaitz_zarraga I wonder if these new cheaps will define the future of processor for game devices. Who knows ?, Sony, Nintento and Microsoft new video consoles could be using one of these processors ?.

@neomoevius They usually develop their own processors but they have to base them on something so they may fit yeah.

@Mac_CZ I don't think it's expensive. It's a development board...

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