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Ekaitz Zárraga 👹 @ekaitz_zarraga

What if we code a Ko-Fi like website but free software?

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@ekaitz_zarraga Like liberapay but with a projects / update log area?

@sina but for non-recurrent donations.
Like "send me 3€".

@ekaitz_zarraga Oh, yeah, I forgot liberapay has no "one-time donation" option. :|

@sina That could be nice right? couldn't it?

We could make it super-simple and use Stripe or Mangopay or something... (or even paypal :S)

@ekaitz_zarraga Yeah, that would be pretty nice. Especially if it didn't use PayPal. x'D

@ekaitz_zarraga I have never had problems with Stripe. They've always been super good to me.

@sina Never used it... I think I should.

I want to make an online shop too... hmmmmmm

@sina The only bad part of this is that I can't do it alone... I need some help. :(

Or maybe money to be able to work on this full time.