Some notes (in spanish) I'm preparing for the Blockchain classes... The good thing is I'm going to tell the truth and probably discourage people using Blockchains.

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Maybe de newcomers don't know I made a Mastodon art gallery called

Anytime you make an art piece and you tag it with it appears there!!


A friend and started this project to analyze the society of our city (Bilbao). The first study started with the gentrification. I'm sorry it's only in Spanish. I hope you like it!

Un amigo y yo hemos empezado este proyecto donde analizamos la sociedad de Bilbao, comenzando por la gentrificación. Espero que os guste.

First time I talk about this project.

I started visualizing some stuff in the screen.

This is for a project I'm working on with a new friend. We are trying to understand our city's society. We started with and for that we are making an analysis on the house prices.

It's being a lot of fun. Playing with ... the code I wrote is a marvellous spaghetti but it fucking works.

This is my data.

The red lines are Medians, just as a reference. This is so fucking crazy.

I'm having fun with

Now you understand the noise I have at home?

They fucking removed the floor.


Edge by edge modeling studies... Using a character sheet "rescued" from the Internet.

Enufffff for today.

Modeling some stuff... Yesterday I found some character sheets on the Internet and I'm trying to make them in edge by edge modeling.

Not my best skill, but I think it goes well.

Of course

Playing with some D3 stuff.

I won't tell you what I'm rendering here yet.

But I'm learning a lot and it's being a lot of fun.

Any pro around here?
Do you like ?

It slows down if you run it for a long time but there is it...

Deleting all my tweets with no API access...

One of the windows deletes from the last to the first and the other goes the other way, from the past to the present.

I'll make a new color palette for Spectre css.
This is the standard one.

Now I have to look for something different that looks good and is ok for dataviz too.

I don't know why I'm doing this tbh.

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Oh, I'm back at home with more dataviz shit.

It started to look really cool.

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