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Ekaitz Zárraga 👹 @ekaitz_zarraga@mastodon.social

And this is the map of Melbourne (taken from Wikipedia)

More data visualization for my students.

Now in a Hexbin graph just for making it better looking.

I'm starting to love Pandas.

The graph shows the house prices in Melbourne.

Today with my students:

- You can also plot the whole thang in a Lat-Lon vs Price graph

- That's too difficult!

One hour later I send them an email with this picture and saying:

I just spent less than 1h on this stuff. It's not perfect but it works. Give a try to the dataset and try to infer some cool stats from it. It's a lot of fun and you'll feel you are improving a lot. Good luck!

(data is the price of the houses in Melbourne, it's taken from Kaggle)

I made this in 50 minutes.
I have full length screencast but I won't share it.

I'll work more on this kind of stuff.

I can push even further in a couple of minutes:

This is how I correct exams:

"I happy to see you learned stuff. I'm very proud of you."

Oh wait! I'm going viral again?



Now it can open posts and it's improved like crazy!


BTW, this is the evolution of the minimum salary in Spain.

My rent is higher than the minimum salary and I don't live in a mansion.

(taken from here salariominimo.es/ )

GitLab says the deploy failed but it works perfectly....
I don't understand.

Anyway, new version up and running with a lot of new stuff:

This is how the post-viewer looks with @CaptainBragd 's art.

Remember you can push me to keep developing stuff via LiberaPay:
or Ko-Fi:

is going soooo wild!
The Mastodon API is great @Gargron ! It's really easy to consume!

This is how @roh 's art is visualized in the viewer I'm working on.