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Two motherfuckers on my database...

More work...

My god... this project has no end...

Keep working on the Skeleton!
Backbone made!

I made the bone you see in the right and then duplicated it referenced to the first. If I edit the separated bone others get the changes too.

If you send me some coffee I'll finally buy a Cintiq and start doing stuff seriously:



"SecureScuttlebutt also avoids P2P structures that represent singletons - specifically, it avoids using a Distributed Hash Table or a global blockchain.

SSB avoids P2P singletons partially to show that it can be done (most P2P designs use DHT or global blockchains) and also because those are just P2P versions of centralized systems."


What kind of crap is this?
Who the fuck is Chris Beattie?
Why do I look as an established voice in the crypto industry?

What's going on here?


Finally done!
With @eider 's support, help and sewing machine we finally made this!
A new case for my sculpting tools.

See the old one?
This new is amazing! Now I can keep all my shit together on this one!

It has a trademark included xD xD
is here!!!

mastodon.social/media/7kSwxVhS mastodon.social/media/Qtco9gNS mastodon.social/media/IQcuf4az mastodon.social/media/K1B1IArx

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