@valerauko It's working now!
I am using Compojure.

I think it was working before too but I touched something that wasn't reloaded and ugh...

@txopi @ondiz Maybe it wasn't but the comment is so passive-aggressive I wanted to make you recheck it.

I'm pretty sure that I don't confuse Democracy and Capitalism, but you just came here supposing I do and considering you know much better...

You are free to do it, but then expect the same kind of passive-aggressive answer.

Every time I hear that voice...

I realize I miss Sean Price.

@denikombucha I think I already told you this but your artstation is quite impressing.

@jordila @apardo sí tio, mastodon tira de websockets para actualizar los clientes

@ekaitz_zarraga @jartigag @Gargron @wiz
I don't, sorry (also apologies for @'ing everyone).
I tried to find the thread where he was asking about it but can't.

sir's been banned from quite a few places though since he can be quite opinionated/strong willed about things
there's a possibility somebody felt harassed and just escalated it to Eugen or Ellie or somebody.

tbh i feel like he's getting better about that and the ban from such a huge instance is unfair—but that's also how the fedi works. if the mods want to ban us they can and sometimes you have to vote with your feet against it.

@txopi @ondiz Sorry for my lack of English vocabulary to choose the right term. I didn't find the right words and left those because they were good enough for the joke.
Next time I'll ask you first and try to get your seal of approval.

Let me lay out my what motivates me to develop software: I do it to argue for what I perceive as improvements in the tools we use. And to see if those arguments hold up.

So I absolutely do care about having others use my software, and for that to benefit them. Because I want to see if my ideas benefit you.

Great now it's working and I don't know why it isn't working before.


@valerauko I'm with ring-clojure/ring-anti-forgery and this is driving me crazy.

This CSRF thing says the token is always wrong.



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