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i went to look at an apartment complex thats being built, and .. it's in the middle of a field basically with garbage public transit. i... m not quite sure id want to live there tbh

would be nice for bike trips tho bc it's all flat around there

* Thin-client protocols like Matrix or XMPP are going to typically use way less battery and bandwidth than maintaining a full p2p mesh on a mobile device, which is generally desirable. The way to fix that in p2p is to introduce master nodes of some flavour... at which point you're back in a hybrid p2p/federated architecture again.

* A thin-client-first approach also means that you can easily support different clients (and bots/bridges etc) rather than the client being tightly coupled to a complicated p2p protocol.

To repeat: i'm advocating a hybrid p2p/decentralised approach - not religiously pure decentralisation, nor religiously pure p2p either.

A very good comment yesterday from one of the lead #Matrix developers:

> What are the benefits of decentralized servers over p2p?

* A server-based system gives you a well-defined secure place to keep an always-on copy of your data, with whatever physical/geographic/network security model you prefer... rather than smearing it across a bunch of handsets or laptops which could get lost/stolen/run-out-of-storage etc.

Any Video Game developer or illustrator who wants to work in BILBAO


The website is in Spanish but if you want to work here I can help with an English translation because why not?


To be fair, 5.7.0 is not stable, you have to actively install it as 'next' tag.

Mostly people crying about having to run a pre-release version as root...and some people hating that two queer women are running the show.

Stay classy bros

@theotix Sure. Also don't merge code that reassigns recursively the ownership of folders you don't own and put it in a pre-release.

ATTENTION, Public Service Announcement: Do not upgrade your npm. Do not upgrade to 5.7.0, released yesterday.

It changes file permissions of /etc, /boot, /user, … when run with sudo. Avoid, duck, cover, whimper.


I may have to code in PHP in the near future.

Oh oh.



A Vim plugin to toot on mastodon.

Like REPL execution plugins.

Select and toot.

tap -> Toot a paragraph
tas -> Toot a sentence

I can imagine all the coordinate transform stuff I need to do just fine, but converting that into code is always a pain.

@victorhck Eres la persona adecuada yo creo.
Cuentas cosas sobre OpenSUSE y tienes bastante alcance.
Así puedes sacar a alguno de su mierda de curro y darle opciones.