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@ekaitzzarraga @zagur ... de nuevo, "... no es orègano" ... naturalmente.

Una vez más, hay que " dejar de cavar trincheras... para tender puentes " ?

De otro modo... ¿existe el riesgo del discurso ' endogámico ' ?
@zagur ... estoy algo de acuerdo @ekaitzzarraga , durante mucho tiempo he adoptado el tono 'moralista' en mi discurso...

Sin embargo, he aprendido... que eso no hacía más que lograr el efecto contrario... al deseado : alejar de mí a aquellos con los que quería compartir ... eso mismo.

Prefiriendo #GPL , siento que la #MIT  tiene algo muy práctico... que es que sirve para tender "puentes" ?

PD : eso parecido dice @cwebber ( Mediagoblin , auspiciado por la #FSF  ... ) en el sentido de atraer a la 'gente ... a nuestro terreno ' ?

@MightyPork yes. It apparently stopped over night because I forgot to set my computer to not go to sleep.

But it seems to be up now!

I am cold because I was just outside in the snow getting footage with robbie.

FACUA considera escandaloso que Justicia denuncie al informático que destapó el fallo de Lexnet
@ekaitzzarraga  My grandfather spent his childhood following my grand-grandfather from prison to prison during the civil war. After the war, they exchanged dolls for food.
My other grandfather, when he started to see the purges and the killings, he just left town and lived with my grandma in the hut they had next to their crop field... people who were not farmers would sometimes drop by asking for some "potato peels" or whatever.
My grandmother, would with her mom from town to town, trying to exchange dolls for food.

I couldn't renew the ID card because my fringe covers one of my eyebrows

I fought the system and the system won :D

@ekaitz_zarraga Fun fact. I saw actual fascists hanging out with Juan Carlos de Borbón once when I was a kid, with my own eyes.

is it big data if i flood y'all's timelines with it

Yo no dije que todo ES literatura. Dije que todo PUEDE ser leído como literatura, que no es lo mismo.

@cypnk @ekaitz_zarraga @deshipu Anyway, if I won the lottery I'd love to plow millions into making open source more usable, and there's not even a patchwork system to do this, let alone a couple clearinghouse options. Meanwhile, at this point in my life I have a fair amount of spare time & no money at all. You better believe if I could get small payouts for working on issue management & docs for open source, I would be doing it. ¯\(°_o)/¯

@deshipu @ekaitz_zarraga @cypnk Just like in every 9-5 software job I hated, gardening the issue trackers & docs is treated as a low-value afterthought. Keep in mind what Github, in their infinite wisdom, consider worthy of a green spot on one's little timeline. Then users wonder why the documentation is terrible & developers wonder why they're drowning in a sea of unorganized issues.

!CW Nudity for Gesture Sketches!

I need to get better at using mastodon haha

Although, I didn't really draw too much recently in any case? Not feeling up to it

I'm trying to improve though, so I decided I'll concentrate on doing some gesture drawings! These are from the youtube channel Croquis Cafe - I first tried to find the shape and then drew the gesture over it.

#mastoart #creativetoots

@cypnk @ekaitz_zarraga @deshipu Another idea for improving user-centered development in open source is to broaden the focus beyond people who write code, to 1) respect & 2) cultivate relationships with people who care enough about a project to garden the bug tracker or documentation. I can the projects where my engagement was returned, ever, on more than the specific bug reports, on two fingers, and I've been doing this 20 years.

So it wasn't the greatest idea to drink while I was recovering, but I regret nothing.

@deshipu I think *paying them* would be the fastest way to get open source developers to work in a more user-centered way. @ekaitz_zarraga @cypnk

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