Folks in Cologne/Germany: @aral and I (@laura) will be giving a rare keynote together for Think About! conference on 23rd-24th May 2019. It looks like a great event, and we’d love to meet you there.

@indie @aral @laura sounds awesome, but the price is REALLY HIGH for someone not from Germany. Especially compared to a 35C3 ticket of ~148 EUR.

@alxd @indie @laura However, unlike 35C3, these folks pay their speakers so it helps a tiny two-person not-for-profit like us to keep existing :)


@aral @alxd @indie @laura

Also, a "high" price might make it seem(!) more appropriate for certain(!) employers, so maybe for some, attending could be a business trip!

(also quite relevant: "provide child-care for attending parents")

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