#howto use the #fediverse with nearly no internet connection with #AndStatus:
Choose in the settings:
- to not fetch images
- to not fetch avatars
- increase the time of sync
Now next time you got internet connection, even if shitty as ~1kbs you can let AndStatus sync.
Also no problem if internet connection is just accessible for some minutes.
Messages get stored offline. You can read, fav., boost, and reply to them any given time. Once you've got internet again even you're replies will be sync.



Wow, this sounds great! Thanks for sharing!

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Oh, it's an App :-(
And: "For Android v.7.0+ devices." :-(( (<- for the v.7.0+-
part, not the Android)


Is there something similar to for a PC?! (in regards to -enablement)

@el_joa Although I am the developer of , I also miss this app at my PC, where I have large scree and convenient keyboard...
And you know, after the latest replacement of my PC I really can launch it on an Android emulator. And it works on PC as fast as on a phone plus I can easily copy-paste any text between PC and an emulator.
AndStatus has backup/restore feature allowing me to transfer 1Gig of app data in minutes...


It seems to enable (near-)#offline usage of the fediverse.

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