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Got less than 1000 followers? Drop a short presentation of yourself and let's follow each other 👇 !

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Sinon un CIVIL va comparaître devant un tribunal militaire parce qu’il aurait porté atteinte au président de la République à cause d’un meme (Photo n°2)

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My very simplified answer when someone says what is the difference between SRE and DevOps.

* SRE = focused primarily on production
* DevOps = focused primarily on CI/CD and developer velocity

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I think I found the COBOL tech support department, guy. I like his chair tho ;) Haha

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حسام بوقرة، شاب تونسي، مغروم بالتكنولوجيات الحديثة، تعلم يعمل الmining على قد جهدو، قاضي التحقيق قام بختم الأبحاث وأكد انه حسام برئ من التزوير ومن مسك العملة وأكد انه حسام استعمل تقنياته لكسب مكافآت مالية مشروعة. حسام عندو أشهر في الحبس و في إضراب جوع و هاو اليوم اش قال ⬇️

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triaging is the foundation of quality and we need more of it

Bug triaging is a largely invisible and often thankless task. But it’s the foundation of quality in our software offerings. Every day, our users file between 30 and 50 bug reports on and ofte…



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One thing that the dot command (.) can repeat the previous change.

Ex: if you just ran :normal A; (insert a semi-colon at the end of the current line), you can repeat it by pressing . on the next line!

When you add, delete, or modify texts, it's considered a change.

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"Your System Time appears to be set in the future"
"I can't believe it's really Tue Jun 15 04:07:08 2021"
"Please Set the system time correctly"

...I have no words

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"مـــجــبـرٌ أخـــاكَ ﻻ بـــطــل" :-( :-( :-(

فيروز: زوروني كل سنة مرة ... حرام! تنسوني بالمرة حرام

اهداء الى كل الأهل و الأصدقاء والأحبة لفرعون قريتنا في جميع أنحاء المعمورة



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The Debian Project hosts all its development IRC channels on irc.oftc.net and also has a thriving community on irc.libera.chat. The Debian Project no longer has control of on the freenode IRC network. We thank the former… dlvr.it/S1m5BZ

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مصر تتجه إلى التحول دولة فاشلة بعد أن حولها انقلاب ٢٠١٣ دولة فاشية، وهي توشك على نضوب مياه نيلها ودماء أحرارها. وإذا استمر الأمر على هذا المنوال فما أظن إلا أن ملايين المصريين سيموتون في أحشاء البحر الأبيض والبحر الأحمر هاربين إلى أوروبا والخليج، أو تائهين في صحراء ليبيا والسودان

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is actually worth it" itemProp="name

This is neither an in-depth article about advanced vim features nor is it an ideology-inducing primer on why the oh-so-powerful god of editors is such a great monarch. This is just my experience of discovering vim after using several different code e...



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Don’t sacrifice your time for people who wouldn’t do the same for you.

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The IRC channel on Freenode has been taken over by Freenode staff. They have changed the topic and removed Ansible staff from the access list.

The Ansible community no longer controls the channel and we encourage everyone to join us on libera.chat instead.

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قصيدة أصابَكَ عشقٌ أم رُميتَ بأسهمِ | يزيد بن معاوية

youtu.be/z0Zk6-PZkmQ via @YouTube@twitter.com

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