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Me: man I'm really lonely, I should try to meet people

Also me: I can't talk to that person I don't know them

I logged back into Mastodon to see if this place is actually alive and was greeted by an empty "Home" feed even though I *know* I still follow people here. Weird.

Say what you want about Windows or Mac, but at least on these OSs I don't need to recompile a video player just so I can watch videos.

(and no, totem/gnome videos is not an adequate replacement to VLC, it doesn't support certain subtitle features or DVB-T)

If you're using Fedora 26 and vlc is not working for you: it's a known bug, but the packagers don't care.

And that's just another reason added to the very long list of reasons why Linux sucks as a desktop OS.

mastodon uses more CPU time than twitter does (both just idling), which is a kind of a special achievement for mastodon I guess, because twitter is notoriously bad at that as it is

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I really want subscribable instances? Like I want to be able to read all the bot tweets from botsin.space in a single column? I think that would be nice. Then you could also quarantine all the journos on their own servers too lmao

At least half the English toots on the federated timeline are meta-toots about Mastodon itself, including this one

I guess I should maybe move my account to a more slowly paced smaller instance filled with people who post the kind of content that interests me,
but I don't know if there is any such instance.

I finished Night in the Woods yesterday and, wow, it's probably one of the best videogames I ever played

The federated timeline moves so fast now

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I am relieved to hear that gif avatars have been put on hover-play ice! This makes it dramatically safer for me to use the interface.

actual discussion I just had here, paraphrased:

me: "gif avatars make me get motion sickness, and are dangerous for people with epilepsy"

them:"Just write a browser plugin to disable them, it's your fault you have a problem, you shouldn't be pushing for it to bee disabled for everyone"

yeah fuck that, I'm going back to twitter, at least there the rude randos *don't* have animated avatars.

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Every time I try to use Mastadon for more than a couple of minutes I get put off by all the animated gif avatars. Please, @Gargron , do something about these!

For me they're just annoying, but for people with epilepsy they can actually be *extremely dangerous*

Maybe I should add Mastodon support to picdescbot ( picdescbot.tumblr.com ), it's already on twitter and tumblr, adding another network should be super easy.

Does anyone want to see picdescbot here?

אני ממש לא אמור להיות ער בשעה כזו

So wait, what are the ethics of this thing anyway?

Am I supposed to interact with strangers on the federated timeline or is it considered rude to reply to strangers' toots?

Any linux graphics stack magicians here?

I'm trying to figure out what's the reason that all 64bit Unity-based games won't start on Fedora 26 (black screen, waiting on some futex forever, according to strace) but 32bit unity games start with no problems...

And I have no idea where to even *start* debugging this.

I think I'll be back here when it's less laggy and buggy, which I'm sure will happen once the spike of new users will stabilize.

Until then I'm going to keep using the bird website.


it looks like Mastodon can't handle the load of all the users because of the recent media attention?

Even the "local timeline" is laggy, and my home feed doesn't show some toots from people I follow even when I do see these toots in their profile.

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