A friend dumped a X201 Tablet on my lap a month ago saying "it's broken. It's yours". The wireless card wasn't attached properly, and it needed a cleaning and some new thermal paste, but other than that, the only thing broken on it was windows. It's a beautiful machine.

But to make it a possible daily driver I need a new Battery. Its battery can hold a charge for 20 minutes. Any advice from Thinkpad users about getting new batteries?

@eladhen I believe Anker was selling rebuilt batteries a while back, although the tablet might use a different battery from the standard models.

There might also be some facilities specializing in battery re-celling that would be willing to rebuild that, although many won't do Li-ion packs. (However, with most power tool batteries being Li-ion now, some will do it AFAIK...)

It takes the same battery as the regular model as far as I could find out.

@eladhen 9-cell battery all the way. That's about it. Got mine off of eBay to replace a 6-cell that only held charge for ten minutes.

Where did you get it from? I've heard too many stories about cheap batteries failing very quickly.

@eladhen Probably from China. Everything, even the original more than likely, comes from there. Not sure about this one failing but I've wagered it a while before it ends up happening.

@eladhen You can get aftermarket batteries pretty cheap on eBay, but be prepared to replace them relatively quickly

I want to avoid that and get something more reliable...

@eladhen @elomatreb I've bought three batteries for my X301 off eBay. One has worked fine, (though still maxes out at 2.5h) and two of them bloated up and cracked open to the point where it was difficult to remove them out of the ultrabay without damaging the laptop.

@eladhen Sadly that's pretty hard to get, aftermarket batteries usually have to use the cheapest cells they can because otherwise it wouldn't be profitable to sell them on the tiny markets. I have a regular laptop thinkpad and I made peace with going through 1 or 2 batteries in a year

@eladhen I had the non-tablet X201 and used it with a ebay 9 cell for a few years, wonderful machine!
Be prepared that battery life just can't be compared to a modern machine.

If I can get 3 hours from it I'll be more than happy.

@eladhen Hmm. Lenovo officially discontinued that battery (The "ThinkPad Battery 12" series: ) back in 2014. They sometimes still have old batteries in the web store, but I don't see the 12 at all. Honestly, you might just want to look for a compatible battery on ebay (maybe search by CRU# 4cell: 43R9256 or 8cell: 43R9257 ).

Thanks for the info. So all the sellers of "original batteries" are bluffing?

@eladhen not necessarily - there's probably still a bunch of new old stock sitting around, maybe bought up by distributors and stuff. The problem is really that there's really no way to tell how legit the battery is with 3rd party online sales.

@eladhen A bit unrelated but, if you’re interested the X201T should be able to nicely run LibreBoot now.

Doesn't that require some specialized equipment?

@eladhen Requires a programmer (most ARM devboard does the job) and a test clip (which is quite cheap, specially on aliexpress).
You maybe can flash it without tools but I’d advise against it in case you do a bad flash.

@eladhen I bought a replacement battery for an X220 directly from Lenovo. It was hella expensive but it worked just fine. Couldn't find it anywhere else.

@eladhen you could probably rebuild it your self. I'm guessing it's just 18650 cells inside

That sounds like a long and expensive learning experience...

@eladhen @vfrmedia I usually get something from ebay that doesn't look like it's gonna blow up.

@dc7ia @vfrmedia
So how much do you think is decent for a battery?

@eladhen @dc7ia I've seen reasonable looking ones on sale for about €30-€35 (for medium size laptops).

In most countries a fair part of the cost of a battery is access to approved couriers/logistics, quite understandably no one anywhere in the World wants dodgy ones being transported in aircraft etc.

The rules about sending them anywhere (even within your own country) are quite strict nowadays.

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