My 6y/o is playing my rehabilitated old Gameboy color!

The save battery is dead after 25 years (Final Fantasy Adventure's battery is still holding after 28 years, and my Golf battery is still fine after a staggering 30 years).

I was repairing my original from 91, which I think hasn't worked for the last 15 years or so. How was your day?

11 years with a ring will leave their mark... Half a year and it's still pretty obvious

Here's the photo I've just sent to my partner (her name is Ela). Isn't it romantic? 🤣

Another campaign ended magnificently yesterday. After about a year playing the world was saved, not before my PCs had to face the temptation of being able to take part in creating the world anew the way they think it should be.

One of my players, Sigal, is hospitalized for a pregnancy threatening condition, but we could not end this campaign without her, so in the picture you can see the video conference room we used 😎

+ Got a chocolate praline with my coffee.

- It's orange flavored

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