@adistav and totally unexpected... and complicated, as tends to be, it seems.

Turns out they are really into and specifically and their girlfriend runs a campaign. So we started geeking out in facebook and what do you know... 😅

I ran a game for children in a sf/f con in October. A mother came along with their child and sat for a moment around the table, so of course I handed them a playbook and told them to join, and they did. The game was an absolute blast, and after it ended I casually talked with them. And turns out we kinda know each other from the Israeli facebook scene. Funny!

Fast forward a month: we are kind of a thing...

Sex related 

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dating sim type game but it's you having 1-on-1 conversations with your coworkers outside of work, agitating & educating them, talking about issues they're facing in the workplace & how collective action can address them, social mapping, gathering contacts, building a union

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@mwlucas People will be interested in learning about adapting their creative process towards producing more systemd erotica!

Left-wing ideological/identitarian cannibalism 

@Jason_Dodd he doesn't seem to be suffering, and quite honestly, I myself am having a lot of fun playing with the GBC just the way it is. 🤷‍♂️

@Jason_Dodd nope. I fixed it up to the point of working smoothly and reliably. That's that.

My 6y/o is playing my rehabilitated old Gameboy color!

My 10y/o and I are talking about rich people staying in their skyscrapers while their money causes poverty, wars and destruction, and the difference between them and fictional villains. Suddenly:
10y/o: learning about reality is a bit like Cthulian horror. The more you know the more you're in danger of losing your mind.
Me: 😮

@Shufei It's an iconic moment near the start of the game 😁

@Shufei it's not funny. I'm just feeling overwhelming joy!

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