obama's graduation address, healthcare / ACA 

Watched Obama's graduation address. On top of feeling momentarily relieved to see an actual president once more, I was struck again by how grateful I personally am to him. If it weren't for the ACA, I wouldn't have health insurance during this pandemic.

Listening to a "real-time" broadcast of the Apollo 13 mission. Fifty years ago tonight, Jim Lovell uttered the words, "Houston, we've had a problem," setting off a mad scramble to save the astronauts' lives. Listening to their frantic troubleshooting now. I find it strangely comforting given the moment we're in. The problem they faced was incredibly daunting, but they overcame each challenge as it arose and got their people home safe and sound. apolloinrealtime.org/13/

Coronavirus, sadness 

It's kind of hard to write when you suddenly break into tears. I'm almost done with this essay. Just want to see it through the home stretch and then I can have the full cry.

coronavirus, morbid humor 

Read the room, Autocorrect. Now isn’t the time you want to be correcting ‘Dad’ to ‘dead,’ ok? I only just got him to stay home ffs

Re-watching The Rise of Skywalker 

So I bought The Rise of Skywalker when it was released early. I want to like this movie so much and... I don't? Lots of reasons why it falls flat for me, but the dialogue is right up there. I didn't like The Last Jedi so well the first time I saw it, but it grew on me and became a favorite later on. Don't see that happening with The Rise of Skywalker. I'll keep trying, but...

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I hope the invisible hand of the market washes hands regularly

uspol, healthcare, covid-19 

I just realized that the GOP is still trying to blow away the Affordable Care Act even in the midst of the covid-19 outbreak. It makes me angry, not just for myself but for us all. The mythologizing that goes on about how conservatives are more competent government leaders is truly astounding.

uspol, super tuesday 

WTF, Massachusetts? As an expat Masshole, I am really disappointed in you.

uspol, covid-19 

Thinking about all those Trump supporters whose latest excuse has been that their 401ks are doing great. Found that one particularly cynical and callous. Someone should check in on them now that the market has entered a correction.


Every time I see this message pop up in Gmail I think, "Yes, I know. Trump is in the White House."

Came across the term 'catbots' (likely a typo for 'chatbots') while researching AI topics this afternoon and now I totally want to know all about catbots and how they work

Finally going to test out a new foldable desk I got. The idea is to have more flexibility in presenting a more professional presence when I'm video conferencing with clients, etc. I just set it out in front of some bookcases in the living room a couple of hours ahead of time so the kitties could get obsessed with it and then bored with it in time for my call later this afternoon. They are all over it right now.

Is there such a thing as Hallmark cards for people with healthy boundaries? For example, rather than saying you’re sorry, telling the other person they blew it and really need to apologize? Got a situation like that with a longtime friend who crossed a line with me and needs to know he can’t do it again.

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I mean, this is basically it.

News you can use. I got my college sweetie into Star Trek. Eventually he looked forward to what he called 'trekisodes' with an impish grin. startrek.com/news/how-to-turn-

Amé doesn’t usually cuddle up close to me for long stretches of time, mainly because Nino gets jealous and tries to shoo her away, but she’s in the middle of a snuggle/nap marathon and I am loving it. Having her nestled up next to me like this is one of winter’s greatest pleasures.

On my way to a happy hour in Manhattan and worried that I’m going to come down with the bug that my friend had when I saw her on Friday. Sucking down this ginger tea like it’s ketracel white.

Just had that maple cream chocolate. Damnnnnn. Now I know what the thumbs up was for.

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On my way to a Valentine’s Day party tonight and I picked up some truffles for the hostess at my favorite chocolate shop on the way. I put in an order for six French cream truffles and six brandy truffles, then a separate order for a maple cream chocolate for myself. When the lady heard that last part, she flashed me the thumbs up.

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