I know my key bindings are sub optimal because I have to sleep in a wrist brace


The guix install on the website breaks when trying to partition nvme drives.

You should `guix pull` on your test laptop then create a disk image with `guix system disk-image ...` and install from that.

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I’m running for President so please attack my blackness. It’s sort of my kink.

Like, my bad Bebop I didn’t know it was a bad word. I hear y’all say it to each other all the time. I just wanted to be included.

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One was in my lap and just jumped down in disgust. I think I said something offensive yo.

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One of my cats made a noise at my other cat so I made it too and now both have stopped EVERYTHING to look at me.

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smelting a soda pop chainmail from la croix tabs, it grants immediate knowledge of the closest bike co-op and generates a consuming desire to watch documentaries on netflix

All Reese Witherspoon movies are about her power to help people who aren’t lucky enough to be her.

Many don’t know this but I’m the baddest O’Driscoll you’ll ever meet.

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The KonMarie method of building a backend: put everything in containers, cry when you get a chance.

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