Uranus from the Hubble Space Telescope in red and near-infrared. Something I made using recent imagery from the archive. mastodon.social/media/VEecgwNi

@geckzilla Greetings. If somebody starts a instance on Mastodon I hope you'll join me there and help me out as a mod. I feel like it could be a good thing if it happens but I can't do the server thing on my own. But I could mod.

@elakdawalla It's a little silly, but after posting your reply I think if you boost it then your followers will see it.

Replying to @ayy@niu.moe

* We're already off this rock with dozens of space robots who serve as our avatars across the solar system.

* Venus will kill you. I want to study it but only with robots.

* We can explore Saturn and Jupiter just fine but weak Sun does mean that nuclear power is better and that makes a mission very very expensive.

* I'd like to think that telling people about space robots contributes to mission success, so yes.

I tried to at-reply to another person's questions. For those of you who follow me, did you see that?

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Having trouble trying to use Mastodon for Q and A. I want to quote-toot but can't. Can I at-reply? let's see...

Answering Q from @nivex: octodon.social/@nivex/99001005

This photo is a mosaic of 3 images from the left Mastcam, which has a field of view of about 15 degrees across 1200 pixels. It's a color camera (Bayer color filter). These images were of low science priority so were returned to Earth with fairly high JPEG compression to decrease their file size. I downsampled them (made the images smaller) to hide some of the compression artifacts.

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If somebody wants to create a instance I will be happy to serve as a mod, I just can't do server stuff

Same goes for anybody who wants to create a instance about processing space robot image data

It's very rare for to be awake before sunrise, because Mars nights are very cold and the rover doesn't have a lot of energy to spare and being awake means warming motors.

It was awake at this time to do a dry run of being awake the next morning to try to get photos of Comet Siding Spring as it passed by.

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Here's a picture I just put together from 3 images taken on sol (Mars day) 782, early in the morning, before sunrise. mastodon.social/media/q6ICpEC6

Some facts about me:
- I am a about
- I ❤️ space robots
- I'm a week away from submitting a manuscript of a 400 page book about rover
- I will answer any question about our solar system and how we explore it as long as you're not being a jerk
- I should be writing

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Weird A.I. Yankovic

Reminder that you can connect your Twitter and Mastodon accounts using bridge.joinmastodon.org/ and that'll show you the Mastodon account names of anyone you follow on Twitter who's also done that.

Folks who're annoyed about the inability to move to another instance without being able to take your followers with you:

"Account migration" has been a feature request on the Github issue list for quite a long time. github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

It is a BIG job, but it is on the list and the devs are aware of it. It could take a long time.

Clicking through to the issue on Github and clicking "thumbs-up" and leaving a comment about your suboptimal new-user experience is really helpful.

CC @chuckwendig

Every year in November I post a blog reviewing new kids' books about space (kids 0-18). It comes in 2 days. Lots to read before then! mastodon.social/media/9HVGkVV_

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