Some facts about me:
- I am a about
- I ❤️ space robots
- I'm a week away from submitting a manuscript of a 400 page book about rover
- I will answer any question about our solar system and how we explore it as long as you're not being a jerk
- I should be writing

@elakdawalla * When do you think we can get off this rock?
* Why does everyone talk about Mars so much but no one talks about venus?
* What about the moons of saturn and jupiter? I heard the sun is pretty weak there, would that be an issue?
* Have you contributed to a space robot yourself?


* We're already off this rock with dozens of space robots who serve as our avatars across the solar system.

* Venus will kill you. I want to study it but only with robots.

* We can explore Saturn and Jupiter just fine but weak Sun does mean that nuclear power is better and that makes a mission very very expensive.

* I'd like to think that telling people about space robots contributes to mission success, so yes.

@elakdawalla Yay! Your Twitter coverage of space missions has been excellent. We're lucky to have you here on Mastodon.

@elakdawalla Welcome! Always happy to see more folks from Science Twitter around here. 😁

omg omg omg

@elakdawalla, welcome to our bit of space!

Love what you're doing. Whenever I hear a bit of space action going on, I head straight to your to get the best reporting on it.
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