Here's a picture I just put together from 3 images taken on sol (Mars day) 782, early in the morning, before sunrise.

It's very rare for to be awake before sunrise, because Mars nights are very cold and the rover doesn't have a lot of energy to spare and being awake means warming motors.

It was awake at this time to do a dry run of being awake the next morning to try to get photos of Comet Siding Spring as it passed by.

@elakdawalla That is so cool! Did we end up with any pictures of the comet?

@janellecshane Technically, yes, but they're not anything to write home about.

...I really wanted to "quote toot" this to do my reply, but I don't think we can do that here

@elakdawalla Okay yeah, kind of have to understand the context on that one to be impressed.

I miss the quote-toot. But then I was really confused how to use Twitter when I first joined too.

@janellecshane Yeah. I know that I just don't get things and that I shouldn't make feature requests until I get things better.

That being said, I think if it were a bit more seamless to move between instances it would work better for me. I want a way to sync my profile across instances.

@elakdawalla MULTITOOT yes that would be nice I think.
Maybe there will be a plugin; I already have one that gives me black text on white bg.

@elakdawalla This is gorgeous! What's the native resolution on these images? How long does it take to transfer them back to Earth?

Answering Q from @nivex:

This photo is a mosaic of 3 images from the left Mastcam, which has a field of view of about 15 degrees across 1200 pixels. It's a color camera (Bayer color filter). These images were of low science priority so were returned to Earth with fairly high JPEG compression to decrease their file size. I downsampled them (made the images smaller) to hide some of the compression artifacts.

@elakdawalla WOW feels like being like there!

One day I want to see these images stitched into a VR experience (I'm sure it's done or being done but no VR rig here) 👽

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