germany specific, preparing for family death 

Ok; I have USA based checklists coming out my ears. I have information on how to bridge the international paperwork barrier. What I do not have, and would find useful, is a Germany specific list of what needs to be done before and after a death. (I'd expect that to be in German, and can handle the language barrier, just not well enough to tailor my search terms.) Does anyone have suggestions? (boost ok)


germany specific, preparing for family death 

@feonixrift I would like to raise one more point: if the deceased died intestate and you are a close relative you automatically become the heir. This can be unfortunate when the legacy amounts to a net loss. you can then "ausschlagen" the legacy. from the german legal point of view concerning the legacy you are then dead too and the legacy is passed on - * but you have only 6 weeks to do so!* if you need more information about this scenario - toot!

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