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The story of how I learned about federated social networks is a bit funny. A few years ago I was thinking about how what prevented me from leaving Facebook was that everyone else used it, and thought "social networks should have APIs that allowed them to talk with each other". I started imagining how such a system could work, until eventually I thought "I wonder if anyone ever thought about this" and went online to search for it. Well, it turned out people had *really* thought about it. xD

Irrational programming quirk:
Having a background in both low-level embedded systems and high-level scientific/numerical programming, I often try to save memory by being stingy with integer variables in a program full of huge 4d matrixes. Gotta save those 8 bytes!

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Free Speech 

Look, if you want to be the president of an important activist organization I would say that "does not publicly defend the sexual abuse of minors" is a pretty low bar.

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A bit more polemical than I usually post in public spaces, but...

One of the good things about free software is that it doesn't matter who do you have to kick out, no one can just take their contributions away.

The Great Modron March - a Planescape Miniatures Game. When you open the box, it is full of those small boardgame cubes in various colours.

I have a theory that people think Linux is difficult because if something is easy in Linux but terribly hard in Windows or Mac they don't even try to find out about that.

For example, installing LaTex in Windows is hell, so people just... don't use LaTex. Or some software that had an add-on that requires Python, in Linux it is installed by default, in Windows it might as well not exist.

"You have my bow."
"And my axe."
"And my sword."
And thus Frodo left Rivendell completely alone, but armed to the teeth.

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10 years ago I started using ad blockers because I thought ads were annoying. Now I think that's the _least_ important reason to use them.

I think we should call them "browser firewalls." That more accurately describes their purpose.

A kid's novel where the hero goes to a school that is like Hogwarts but for computer stuff, and the houses they join are actual Linux distros. Smug Archs, stoic Debians, cheerful Mints, serious Fedoras.

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Arthur, Once and Future King, rose from his dreamless sleep on the Hidden Isle, to answer Britain's time of need.
"Are you lost," he asked the people, "in need of a strong charismatic leader to show the way?"
"Truly, you are not. You never were."
And he went back to sleep.

Read Death, the new Civ mode, has a great flavor: Alpha Centauri, but you *lost* the space race.
It just seems to be too unlike Civ for my tastes.

What could be creepier than a pigeon dating sim (or its various copycats with different animals)? This is what:

A game I'd like to play: basically Age of Empires, but every few seconds supply cart units (uncontrollable but killable) spawn at your buildings and start moving towards your army. Each unit type spends supplies at different rates, and if it runs out it suffers a huge debuff.

Things that _actually_ threaten free speech today:
Police repression of protesters
Prosecution of activists
Prosecution of journalists
Mass surveillance

Things that don't threaten free speech:
People complaining in the internet

I want to make a boardgame about the Trojan War just so I can say that "the most beautiful individual is the starting player".

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