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Most hilarious thing that happened to me:
Went trekking with classmates (in a small preserve inside the university campus).
They assured me there was no way to get lost in such a small area and with a map.
We got so lost we accidentally wandered inside an army base, right into the shooting range, and had to be escorted out by confused privates.

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The story of how I learned about federated social networks is a bit funny. A few years ago I was thinking about how what prevented me from leaving Facebook was that everyone else used it, and thought "social networks should have APIs that allowed them to talk with each other". I started imagining how such a system could work, until eventually I thought "I wonder if anyone ever thought about this" and went online to search for it. Well, it turned out people had *really* thought about it. xD

locke and key very early spoiler(-ish?) 

Me, watching Locke and Key: wow, everyone in this family is completely fucked up, except the girl. It's amazing how she can be so levelheaded and sensible and prudent and normal after all they went through.

Writers: the girl suffered from her paralyzing fear. She could not do anything because she worried too much.

Me: welp, what does that say about me?

I like Mastodon because of its community (which is the point), and moderation tools and federation and lack of nightmarish anti-features.

But I really don't like it's twitter-like structure (or lack of). No groups or subforums or different areas (like picture areas and etc), tags are freeform, no pinned informative pages or wikis. Just the endless feed of everything mixed together.


"No you can't throw molotov cocktails at stuff"
"Haha yeet go boom"


Rhetorical question: now that mainstream politics are discussing abolishing/defunding the police, where have all those "right wing libertarians" in favor of "minimal state" gone?
Something about taxpayer money, something about robbers self-regulating, something about no free lunch.

Reddit, heavy sarcasm 

If you kind of like a post on reddit, you can upvote it for free.
If you really like it, you can pay reddit to put a gold star on it.
But if you really really really like it, you can pay me to mail the user a box with a _real_ upvote made of solid plastic and painted in the color of your choosing, delivered to their house.

Why give someone fake internet points when you can give them real internet points?
Offer for a limited time only.

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I'm pretty disillusioned about Linux lately, and the people that collectively make it, and about FOSS and it's "community".

But heck if proprietary software is any better.

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And the worse part is, most of that is intentional. They want software to be bought in a store. They don't want to help potential competitors. They want to break compatibility to lock people in. They want to add value to their own brand.

Which means this stuff is never going to get fixed. It's counterproductive to fix it.

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Not saying that Linux is perfect. I have issues with display and audio output, network cards are notoriously spotty, graphic drivers are an issue, etc etc etc.

But it is just _wild_ that Windows just refuses to properly parse Unix linebreaks, has bad support to something as basic as pdfs, and people act as if it is normal to install software by downloading shady installers and letting them manage themselves. How can something so ubiquitous and so well-financed be this bad.

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Sometimes people ask me how to do something on Windows, and I am reminded of how it lacks support for some pretty fundamental, simple things and requires nightmarish workarounds.

Sure, Linux has some really weird edge cases and issues. But it comes with a proper browser, pdf support, software repositories... and stuff like line breaks, compressed files, subtitles, partitions and updates just work.

If you want to strike a conversation with a Brazilian person, ask them i they put the rice over the beans or the beans over the rice.

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there are unfortunately only 5 videogame types. Spreadsheets, murdermans, sports, girl kissing, and Mario.

Me, as a gourmet chef youtuber:

"Can you even call your cake a vanilla cake if it doesn't have crunchy chunks of vanilla bean in every slice? I think not.

Come back next week to learn how to make sponge cake out of real, authentic sea sponges. Warning, not vegan!"

Fuck software that automatically begins installing updates when you try to start it.

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Satisfactory is going to be the game that finally gets me into flowcharts

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@dankwraith it's definitely not. an indie team could focus on that specific thing in a way that's actually mechanically meaningful instead of just showing off, and probably have better quality of life while doing so. the point of AAA excess is to deepen the appetite for spectacles of capital and labor that cannot be produced in humane circumstances, thus aestheticizing and justifying the existence of these inhumane structures.

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I have created an alt for tooting about games in general: @eldaking

Follow if you'd like to see me occasionally say stuff about games..

Playing some "Mortal Kombat", listening to some "Kamelot", browsing the web with "Konqueror", editing some screenshots with "Krita" and reading e-mails with "Kmail".

(obviously a joke)


I made some pasta and the sauce was surprisingly good, but the noodles were disgusting because my mom decided to use the kitchen at the same time and thoroughly confused me.

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