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Most hilarious thing that happened to me:
Went trekking with classmates (in a small preserve inside the university campus).
They assured me there was no way to get lost in such a small area and with a map.
We got so lost we accidentally wandered inside an army base, right into the shooting range, and had to be escorted out by confused privates.

Scientist 1: This really small thing is completely different from everything we know.
Scientist 2: Yeah, we thought for a moment it was like "thing", but it is not. In some aspects it is the complete opposite of thing. I have no idea what to call it.
S1: Let's just call it "quantum thing".
S2: Good idea, with "quantum" in front everyone will understand it is nothing like "thing".

Media: In quantum physics, "thing" is the opposite of itself. Nothing is true and the world makes no sense.

Maybe cursed 

A lot of Linux users put their distrosonas on the profile.

It's like a fursona, but it's always a penguin with slightly different details.

A history of animation 

I hope no one takes this a well-researched and thought out take.

Animators, please don't kill me, I love your work.

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A history of animation 

And now we have reached a point where people are actually thinking about good storytelling (!) and even trying to make it not-completely-fucked-up. It doesn't always work out, but it is already more thought out and mature than most TV for adults.

And also, budgets are larger than ever. They can afford to tell a story with more than 6 frames.

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A history of animation 

Then we got, around the 90s or so, the "absurdist animation" period. It took the silliness of slapstick and the bitter humor of animation for adults and made some kid-friendly but surprisingly deep stuff. It had an almost dadaist quality to it.

Think Spongebob vs Wiley E. Coyote.

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A history of animation 

At some point Japanese animation realized kids weren't stupid, they just had a lot of free time so they would watch anything. Instead of making inane plots they shifted to overcomplicated (more complex than most TV for adults), but stretched across 300 episodes. It was "for kids" in that no one with a day job could hope to follow it.

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A history of animation 

In the "Hanna-Barbera" period, people thought kids were stupid so they could just repeat the same 2 frames ad nauseam. But talking animals were cool.

In the "Selling action figures/dolls" period, they decided kids were easily influenced so they filled it with thinly-veiled advertisement while obsessing about trite moral messages and concern trolling.

food, quarantine, very slightly gross 

I have been cooking a lot with garlic during quarantine - I have been cooking for me more and it's one of my favorite seasonings, and it's one of the few my family always buys.

When I finally leave the house, my bad breath will be legendary.

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Question: What general instances are good to recommend people leaving these days? and are both closed which have been my default recommendations for a long time.

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fediverse meta 

I don't want to not see those posts. I think it is important! I want to understand better.

I assume people posting about meta want to be understood, but it is just hard because what each person sees in here is different. I mean, I keep having second thoughts about very this post, if I should dig out some specific events as examples like I just asked.

So I'm just suggesting to give more specific info whenever you post, to make it easier for everyone to follow.

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fediverse meta 

Trying to do what I just said:

Recently it looks like an admin of (Luigi) said something bad (already apologized), and someone (no idea who) made too big of a deal and defederated from the instance. People have been complaining about both the admin and the reaction, but it took me quite a while to piece together even this little (uncertain) information.

I don't even care too much about the events, but the atmosphere of mystery and conflict is a big deal.

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fediverse meta 

When talking about fediverse meta or bad things people said/did, could we all please link to it and/or post a short explanation (or specific examples).

I get totally lost, and I have seen people complain about the same thing. I can't think that it is healthy as a community to have a lot of people with very incomplete information, forming opinions based on very vague feelings.

Or, if giving details would be bad, perhaps avoid posting altogether and discuss in private only?

uspol, shitpost 

You have to understand how big data affected the Trump election last time.

All the marketing data indicates that Americans have a strong preference for "industrialized Cheddar", which is a deep orange color. Then they got a presidential candidate with that same color, and bam! Elected.

Why do some fans of The Lord of the Rings think "Sauron" is a giant red eye in the sky? Look at the name, he is *obviously* a lizard.

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Part of growing up is realizing that sometimes comic book villains have better motivations than the super heroes they fight.

Like Magneto, that is fighting against oppression; and Poison Ivy, that is fighting for the environment; and Sauron, that wants to turn people into dinosaurs.

Hmm, some of those bardcore versions of popular songs are good. But I feel like they could be a tad... Merrier? Add some nice drums or something.

Hmm, I was just thinking, instead of putting pronouns in bio would it be possible (and desirable) to make them a dedicated field of the Mastodon profile?

One that is always there, even if empty, and that you fill separately like you do with the display name. Maybe using the same thing as the metadata table, but showing separately.

not sure if this is the best tag for suggestions

dc comics, abortion 

Remember, pro-life is a shitty and wrong term for anti-abortion bigots.

If they were really pro-life, they wouldn't be harassing women that need abortions, they would be fighting Darkseid to prevent him from obtaining the anti-life equation.

Tips for Americans trying to use the internet 

This should be enough to get started. After y'all have mastered those, we can tackle difficult topics like time zones and units of measurement.

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