This is an article I *really* want to disagree with—I *want* to fully understand my computer—but I'm not sure that I can.

> You cannot learn computers “down to the bottom" because there is no bottom. And you can’t learn them "just far enough that you fully understand them” because there is not some fully understandable, predictable layer between deploying your Node.js app to Heroku and “the bottom,” which does not exist.


@codesections I agree with a few points (you don't _need_ to know all levels to do stuff), but I disagree with the core premise that you can't. It depends on the level of granularity you want.
To a certain degree, I did learn computers top to bottom. I'm an electrical engineer with a weird curriculum. Physics, electronics, processors, assembly, C, OOP, GUI design and other high-level-ish applications. I would say that I have a full, if shallow, understanding of computers.

@eldaking @codesections
BTW, if you don't want to learn quamtum theory to understand transistors, build a "little" computer with vacuum tubes. You only need basic physics to understand those :)
Ok, just kidding...

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