2000s hackers: My dream is to connect all of my devices to the internet.
2020s hackers: My dream is to disconnect all of my devices from the internet.

@xj9 @eldaking the old internet had that. then they started adding other stuff.


For me, the dream is still to connect all of MY devices to the 'net, and disconnect any corporate owned devices from the 'net :D

@eldaking It's time for another Good Idea Bad Idea.

Good Idea: Connecting devices to the Internet.

Bad Idea: Connecting devices to their corporate overlords by way of the Internet so they can deliver less than half a product that starves the cat when they have technical difficulties.

@eldaking My dream is to create a new internet that is the internet of 1999 and disallows all these dangerous modern devices and companies from it :V

@eldaking To be fair none of us wanted to connect to the internet the way it is now, and I'm pruddy sure we all hated the slip Interface we had to use to get there, which should have been a sign... The internet is exactly what we hoped it wouldn't be.


2040s hackers: desperately trying to disconnect any device from any of the seven internets

@sydneyfalk @eldaking we're going to have seven completely separate internets?

that sounds awful and also highly unlikely given capitalism's desire to connect everything to their data vacuums

@ben @sydneyfalk @eldaking Well I mean we already have the internet split across national borders which is probably why 7 was chosen (7 continents). Already we see companies that bow down the authoritarian rule for money have no problem, but protesters are silenced. 2040 may be a real disappointment of the potential of interconnection and the lofty dreams from the early days of the net.

@ben @sydneyfalk @eldaking We currently have two separate internets: IPv4 and IPv6. 🤷‍♀️

@ben @sydneyfalk @eldaking No, but you can have a device connected to both, or a device that's connected to both in between, to bridge the gap through a tunnel.

@ben @sydneyfalk @eldaking

1. THE Internet
2. North Korean Internet
3. ruNet, that upcoming Russia-only internet
4. Chinese Internet (partially)

Almost there

@ml @ben @sydneyfalk @eldaking
* all root DNS are under US control (so we can consider non-national control as a US control).
* Australian internet regulation is a bit hard since about a decade too and block some foreign sites.
* Iran have a control of what can go in/out of the country internet connection network.
* French provider patch their DNS to avoid noobs to access some sites too.

@eldaking 2020 addendum: "..and connect my mind directly instead." 🧠​:flan_hacker:

@eldaking @Antanicus finalmente con ios13 posso copiare i miei file, le foto senza essere connessa. Ho tolto la sim, chiuso le reti e isolata. Ho comprato un bel telefonino da 20 euro, vecchio modello per parlare

@eldaking @ozjimbob Yep. It’s kind of wistful to read early 2000s accounts of the information society. So much potential and enthusiasm.

2008: I got my Chumby to work with Pandora
2022: help my Google Hub won't stop playing Happy Anniversary Baby every time I have a calendar appointment coming up

@gulfie @eldaking I've never heard of a Chumby before, despite being fairly tech savvy in the time frame, and I feel like I'm being gaslit by its Wikipedia page

@robotcarsley @eldaking chumbys were the wholesome soft friend version of the Google Hub and I love them

@eldaking I intuitively parsed 2020 as "future" and then I realized

Oh no
The future is now

@eldaking Yep, it wasn’t as nearly cool as we thought, although I’d say that was primarily because we handed over control to surveillance capitalists.

@eldaking 2040s hackers : My dream is to recreate Internet from scratch from remains of civilisation to communicate with my four surviving pals.

@eldaking Quite a bunch of the 1990s and 2000s hackers built things such as Google and Twitter... 😉

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