*bart simpson at the blackboard voice*: we don't need better hardware, we need more efficient software, we don't need better hardware, we need more efficient software, we...

@djsundog Probably related: Even C isn’t as “close to the metal” like it used to be because no one understands the actual hardware. It’s all too complex, too proprietary, and everyone has too little time before the release cycle ends

@cypnk @djsundog it's so weird how our current hardware is basically risc, but with a complex microcode-assisted operation transformation frontend so it can pretend to be cisc, plus crazy instruction scheduling stuff to workaround the fact that you can't compile targeting the cpu's real pipeline (there's so many different implementations that targeting one would be counter-productive anyways).

@kepstin @cypnk @djsundog One of my professors once characterized x86 thus:

Imagine a field with a couple of trees. Cut them all down and build a cabin. Then demolish the cabin and use the remains to build a bigger one. Then demolish that one and use it to construct a small town. Then a small neighborhood. Then a large town. Then suburbs...

That's x86 right there.

The only way out would be to scrap the whole mess and start over. But then all the work would go into emulating the old shit.

@drwho Oh, so it is Factorio except for real. :P

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@eldaking Um... yeah, kinda, now that I read about it. Somehow, I think Factorio has less technical debt in that regard.

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