WSL is MSFT's attempt to "enclose" Linux entirely within Windows. This is MSFT's only option due to Linux's GPL v2 license. But, to be frank, WSL is the worst of both worlds - Linux, but constrained by the arbitrary limitations of Windows. Yes, MSFT trying to control the platform.

If you want to use Linux... why not just use Linux? There's literally nothing standing in your way. Using WSL is voluntarily making yourself a pawn for MSFT's proprietary interests.

@lightweight I don't really think this is the main goal (though might be a nice side benefit).

What Microsoft wants is for developers to use Windows desktops (what they sell) to develop for Linux servers (what they use). They don't want Linux desktops at all, but they had to give up about Linux for servers (and embedded and etc).

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@eldaking yes - they want to control the platform people interact with (if they don't, they can't exploit them)... so I think we're on the same page there.

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