My uncle (111 M) gifted me (33 M) a ring before leaving to go travelling. A close family friend (2019 M) told me to destroy the ring due to problematic associations with the jeweller who made it, but the ring is precious to me and I would feel guilty throwing it away. AITA?

No, the ring is the asshole. Dump it. Preferably in a volcano.

@eldaking its a matter of conscience. If you have one, you'll be rid of it. I'm guessing the problematic association is probably a WWII/3rd reich problem so donating it to like the museum of tolerance or the skirball center would be a good route. If you don't care wh it may have been stolen from 70+ years ago then just keep it and let it rot your conscience.

@eldaking If this ring is as problematic as you say, you might have haters and someone could have their eye on you. Quit Facebook and lawyer up.

@eldaking Oh, no need to destroy it. Give it to us, and we'll take care of it for you. Problem solved.

We wants it.

@eldaking If you want to keep it, then I don't think you should feel guilty. The history will make for a good talking point for future generations. I'd learn the background and pass the ring + story on to my kids. A ring without a story is a boring ring, no?

@eldaking It's probably sending telemetry. Perhaps you can you flash it with libre firmware?

@eldaking reforge it and give it a cool name

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